The Other Shape

  • Colombia | 2022 | No Dialogue | 93' | Colour
  • Original Title: La otra forma
  • Director: Diego Felipe Guzmán
  • Producer: Carlos Smith
  • Screenplay: Diego Felipe Guzman
  • Editor: Diana Eraso

Synopsis: In the near future, humankind has built a paradise on the surface of the moon. In order to enter this place, you literally have to have a square head. A man obsessed with fitting into this geometric world will face the dilemma of becoming a square or unleashing the true shape that resides within him.

Directors Bio: Animator and filmmaker Diego Felipe Guzman (Colombia) has worked in the arts department of films like Banished (2014) and as lead animator on several episodes of the TV series Cuentos de Viejos (2013). His debut directorial feature, La otra forma (2022), selected for IFFR 2023, won Best Animated Feature at the Sitges International Film Festival.

Sales Agent: The Amazing Factory Distributor Colombia All Rights

Sci-Fi | Dystopia
Asia Premiere

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