The Peasants

  • Poland, Serbia, Lithuania | 2023| Polish | 114' | Colour
  • Original Title: Peasants
  • Director: DK Welchman, Hugh Welchman
  • Producer: Breakthru Productions
  • Screenplay: DK Welchman, Hugh Welchman
  • DoP: Radosław Ładczuk, Kamil Polak, Szymon Kuriata
  • Editor: DK Welchman, Patrycja Piróg, Miki Węcel
  • Cast: Kamila Urzędowska, Robert Gulaczyk, Mirosław Baka, Sonia Mietielica, Ewa Kasprzyk, Cezary Łukaszewicz, Małgorzata Kożuchowska, Sonia Bohosiewicz, Dorota Stalińska, Andrzej Konopka, Mateusz Rusin, and Maciej Musiał


Toronto International Film Festival, 2023 Busan International Film Festival, 2023

Synopsis: Jagna, a young woman, is determined to forge her own path within the confines of a late 19th century Polish village. A hotbed of gossip and on-going feuds, the rich and poor of the village are held together by pride in their land, adherence to colourful traditions, and deep-rooted patriarchy. When Jagna finds herself caught between the conflicting desires of the village’s richest farmer, his eldest son, and other leading men around her, her resistance puts her on a tragic collision course with the community.

Directors Bio: DK Welchman graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw with scholarships for Special Achievement in painting and graphics. After graduation she took to film and animation. She directed 5 shorts before her first feature film, the Oscar-nominated Loving Vincent. Hugh Welchman co-wrote and directed Loving Vincent with his wife DK Welchman. It grossed $43 million at the BO internationally and was nominated for BAFTA, Golden Globes, and Academy Awards. Previously Hugh won an Oscar for producing the Best Animated Short, Peter and the Wolf (2006).

Sales Agent: New Europa Films Sales

India Premiere
Women | Adaptation | Romance

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