The Prize!

  • Indonesia | 2022 | Indonesian | 96'| Colour
  • Director: Paul Fauzan Agusta
  • Producer: Suryo Wiyogo & Cristian Imanuell
  • Screenplay: Paul Fauzan Agusta
  • DoP: Mandela Majid
  • Editor: Reynaldi Christanto
  • Cast: Shenina Cinnamon, Aamir Mahira, Jajang S. Noir, Jose Rizal Manua, Shahabi Sakri, Azil Ditto

Synopsis: In a lakeside fishing village in West Sumatra, Indonesia, there’s an old man his a retired school principal and divorcee, he wins a large prize from a sweepstakes held by a soap company. Before he could claim it, he dies. Now the village leaders, organizes a conspiracy to convince the soap company that the old man is still alive and claim the prize for the village.

Directors Bio: Paul Agusta studied film in the USA before returning to his homeland in 2003. His short videos (most of them realised with a limited budget) have been included in local and international film events and screenings. Prior to 2007, Agusta was mostly known as a film critic, festival manager and film curator, but nowadays he focuses on making films and videos.

Sales Agent: Putro MG

Dark Comedy | Social India Premiere

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