The Sugar Experiment

  • Sweden | 2022 | Swedish | 91' | Colour
  • Original Title: The sugar experiment
  • Director: John Thornblad
  • Producer: Johan Fågelström
  • Screenplay: Johan Fågelström, Helena Johansson, Alexander Larsson
  • DoP: Caitlin Ricaud
  • Editor: Robin Bukhamseen
  • Cast: Magnus Af Sandeberg, Wendela Antepohl, Emanuel Blom

Synopsis: At an institution for disabled persons, year 1948, Johanna and Vilgot, two inpatients, meet and fall in love. Their everyday life is turned upside down when they become a part of a new, secret experiment, without them knowing. The goal of the experiment is to save the Swedish dental health care.

Directors Bio: John Tornblad, director, producer and writer is known for Desertören (2022), and Lars and the Baron (2016).

Sales Agent: Affect film

Drama | Romance | History Asia Premiere

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