• Czech Republic | Czech, Slovak | 97'| 2022| Colour
  • Director: Stefan Vorzacek
  • Producer: Ludvík Nemec & Stefan Vorzacek
  • Screenplay: Stefan Vorzacek
  • DoP: Jan Chajewski
  • Editor: Elina Antoniou
  • Cast: Rod Grover, Tadeás Hubálek, Juraj Halas

Synopsis: Tomas, a successful but chronically lonely young man in his thirties, meets Ester, an attractive, alluring and enticing girl at the public pool where he is working out. Her non-conforming and seemingly free approach to life fascinates Tomas and captivates and absorbs him almost immediately. He thinks that she feels the same way about him. But everything changes at the moment that Maty, a mysterious guy from Esther's past, enters the story. All of a sudden, Tomas finds himself in the middle of an apparent love triangle.

Directors Bio: Graduate of Economics University in Prague, Stefan Vorzacek started his film industry career in French-based production house Kares and non-overnmental body Czech Film Promotion before he met his now long- term producer colleague, Ludvík Němec. Both producers formed their producing tandem in 1993 and have been working together since. Up to now, they have produced five feature films: Which Side Eden (1999), Hell On Earth (2001), Labyrinth (2012), My Naked Diary (2012), Toxic (2023). Toxic is Vorzacek’s directing debut.

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