• Singapore | English | 102'| Colour
  • Director: Wong Kwang Han
  • Producer: Chong Ten Yee & Wong Kwang Han
  • Screenplay: Wong Kwang Han
  • DoP: Chong Ten Yee
  • Editor: Wong Kwang Han
  • Cast: Lee Chi Wan, Brian Lim, Tham Siew Ping, NIckson Cheng, Andrew Sim ,Jaisilan, Sathiasilan, Muhammad Nasry, Vishnu Krishnan

Synopsis: Jenny is a teenager who has to live up to the “perfect life”. Taking care of her Asperger brother becomes the lens in which her inner world is projected upon, the dilemma of meeting expectations and the realistic failings of everyday life. Between an absent jet-setting father, real-estate mogul mother, a favorite teacher leaving, Jenny’s disappointment becomes sharper when her drama club fails to secure the championship. Unbeknownst to Jenny, the people around her are also going through their own journeys. Everything converge in a family crisis where all of them are forced to look at each other’s vision of what is the perfect life. Like the year 2020, the film marks the turning point. As events change, viewpoints have to be adjusted. Only with new vision can the future be possible.

Directors Bio: Filmmaker, theatre director, writer, and actor. Co-founder of multi-disciplinary group Aporia Society and 2020 Productions. Wong Kwang Han’s feature Flights Through Darkness' 'has been shown at the Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival and the ASEAN International Film Festival. He has been nominated for and won awards for directing, acting and writing. A believer in good old fashioned storytelling, he is a self-taught and independent filmmaker.

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