When The Seedlings Grow

  • Syrian Arab Republic| 2022| Arabic, Kurdish| 83'| Colour
  • Original Title: Gava Şitil Mezin Dibin
  • Director: Rêger Azad Kaya
  • Producer: Demhat Serbest Kuno
  • DoP: M. Emin Engîzek
  • Writer: Rêger Azad, Deniz Dery, M. Emin Engîzek
  • Editor: Zerdest Norsiwan
  • Cast: Mazdek Ararat, Rehma Ebbas, Merewan Ebdî

Synopsis: Hüseyin and his family live in Kobanê and earn their living by selling yogurt. One day Hüseyin and his daughter Zelal miss market time and wander the streets to sell yogurt. While trying to sell yogurt, they meet a boy named Hemude, which leads to many misfortunes. Their one-day journey witnesses the reshaping of social dynamics in the aftermath of the Kobanê war.

Directors Bio: Rêger Azad Kaya, Turkish filmmaker studied at Akdeniz University, Department of Radio-Television and Cinema in Antalya. He made traveling documentaries for various Kurdish TV channels. Then he moved to North East Syria and worked as a cinematographer and editor in short films. He acted in the film Ji Bo Azadiyê and shot a behind the camera documentary. Then he shot his own feature film Gava Şitil Mezin Dibin with a collective team. He still carries out cinema activities in North East Syria.

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Drama | Social
India Premiere

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