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The 54th edition of International Film Festival of India (IFFI) emerged as a resounding success, uniting filmmakers and movie enthusiasts worldwide in Panjim, Goa, from November 20 to 28, 2023. As India's largest and most prestigious film festival, IFFI remains dedicated to championing the finest in global cinema and fostering cultural exchange. This year's edition, the 54th, continued its tradition of encouraging meaningful dialogue, nurturing enduring friendships, and celebrating the diverse tapestry of world storytelling.

In an exciting addition, the festival introduced the Best Web Series (OTT) Award segment, bringing extra glitz and glamour to the event. This segment, a tremendous success, was a great initiative to recognise the creative narratives from the Over The Top platforms. This innovative segment has added a fresh dimension to the festival, enhancing its appeal for both film enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.




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Title of the Film

Red Carpet Date & Time slot

Time of Screening/ Date/ Venue

Name of the Guests


Opening Film:
Catching Dust

20th Nov / 2:00 PM

20th Nov / Audi 1/ 2:30 PM

Stuart Gatt (Director)
Jonathan Katz (Producer)
Mark David (Producer)



22nd Nov / 3:00 PM

22nd Nov / Audi III / 3:30 PM

Morteza Atashzamzam (Director)
Shaheen Sultana (Producer)
Jaya Ahsan (Lead Actress)
Sumon Faruque (Actor)


Fight Like a Girl

23rd Nov / 2: 30 PM

23rd Nov / Audi IV / 3:00 PM

Matthew Leutwyler (Director)
Ama Qamata (Actress)
Richard Tristam Henkels (DoP)
Anton Laines (Producer)
Clarisse Umutoniwase (Producer)


Fez Summer '55

24th Nov/ 3:20 PM

24th Nov / Audi IV / 3:00 PM

Abdelhaï Laraki (Director)
Caroline Locardi (Producer)


Melody (TBD)

24th Nov / 3:00 PM

24th Nov / Audi III / 3:30 PM

Behrouz Sebt Rasoul (Director
Diman Zandi (Actress)


Mid Fest:
About Dry Grasses

24th Nov / 5:00 PM

24th Nov / Audi I / 5:30 PM

Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Director)



25th Nov / 2:15 PM

25th Nov / Audi III / 2:45 PM

Andrés Arochi Tinajero (Director)
Santiago Tron (Producer)
Rodrigo Azuela (Actor)
Daniella Valdez (Actress)
Gonzalo Romero (Screenwriter)



26th Nov / 2:15 PM

26th Nov / Audi III / 2:45 PM

Tufan Şimşekcan (Director)
Cevher Hikmet Güzey (Actor)
Sarica Mehmat (Producer)


Once Upon A Time In The Andes

27th Nov / 2:00 PM

27th Nov / Audi I / 2:30PM

Rómulo Sulca Ricra (Director)
Maribel Baldeon Canchari (Actress)


Endless Summer Syndrome

28th Nov / 1:30 PM

28th Nov / Audi IV / 11:50 AM

Lindsay Taylor (Producer)
Sophie Colon (Actress)
Frédérika Milano (Actress)


Closing Film:
The Featherweight

28th Nov / 2:00 PM

28th Nov / Audi I / 2:30 PM

Robert Kolodny (Director)
James Madio (Actor)
Bennett Elliott (Producer)
Steven Loff (Producer & Screenwriter)


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