• Year | Language | Duration: 1972 | Manipuri |B&W | 122 mins.
  • Director: S.N. Chand Sajati
  • Producer: S.N. Chand Sajati
  • Screenplay: S.N. Chand Sajati
  • Cinematographer: Anil Gupta
  • Editor: Rasbihari Sinha
  • Cast: SN Chand Sajati, Y Romola Devi, Uma Hijam, L. Netrajeet Singh, Ibemhal Devi,O Biramangal Singh, Sapam Nupimacha, Sobita devi, Rajani

Synopsis: Brojendra, a doctor, agrees to marry a girl of his mother's choice but refuses to look her, even after marriage. Later, at a musical performance, he chances upon a beautiful girl and exchanges meaningful glances with her. He returns home guilt-ridden but is surprised to see the same girl at his house, who turns out to be none other than his wife.

Director: S.N. Chand is considered as the ‘Father of Manipuri Cinema’. He was the first to direct a feature film in Manipuri, called Brojendragee Luhongba (1972). With his knowledge of Italian neo- realism, during the new wave of Indian Cinema, he based his film on the short story penned by Dr. Lamabam Kamal, the great Manipuri poet. He was actively associated with the Film Society of Manipur, a member of the Governing Council of the Manipur Film Development Council and served on the board of the Manipuri Film Development Corporation Ltd.