Brojendragee Luhongba

Look At The Sky

  • 2018 | Manipuri | Colour | 30 mins.
  • Country Of Origin : India
  • Director : Ashok Veilou
  • Producer : Aribam Syam Sharma
  • Screenplay : M.K. Binodini
  • Cinematographer : Girish Padhiar
  • Editor : Ujjal Nandy
  • Cast : Anoubam Kiranmala,Kangabam Tomba, Manbi, Dhiren, Baby Molly, Baby Premita
  • Language : Manipuri

Synopsis :
The harmony of Tampha’s family, her husband and children in the Manipur Valley is disrupted by her sudden transformation from a gentle, young wife into a violent woman prone to fits of wild visions. Tampha leaves her family in search of the Maibi Guru, whom she thinks has chosen her to be initiated into the matriarchal religious sect of Maibis.

Director :
Aribam Syam Sharma, is a national and international award-winning film director, actor and music composer from Manipur. His film Imagi Ningthem (1981) received the Golden Montgolfiere at the Festival des Trios Continents, Nantes (1982), a first by an Indian film. It also won two National Film Awards (1982). His other films of acclaim are Ishanou (1990), that was screened at the 1991 Cannes Film Festival, and Sangai-The Dancing Deer of Manipur (1988) which was declared as the Outstanding Film of the Year (1989) by the British Film Institute, London.

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