Life In Loom

  • Colour | 100 Mins | English | 2022
  • Director: Edmond Ranson
  • Producer : Mark Studio
  • Writer : Edmond Ranson
  • DoP : Edmond Ranson
  • Editor : Supraja Suresh
  • Cast : Ashok Kurmar, Nira

Synopsis: Weavers from seven different states of India share their experiences about weaving on the looms, from the royal silk weavers of ‘Patan Patola’ to the indigenous primitive tribal weavers of ‘Ringa’, along with other diverse cultural authentic weaves practiced by Indian weavers that are now striving hard to survive amidst the globalised modern world. As the unorganized handloom sector employs rural, semi-rural and tribal people of India, the current socio-economic, political and climatic changes are influencing weaver’s livelihoods relentlessly and rapidly today. The film documents the weavers and their weaves as they share their day-to-day struggles to continue these sustainable traditional weaving methods that have been passed on from one generation to another for thousands of years.

Directors Bio: Edmond Ranson is a documentary and film director, cinematographer and editor. With several documentaries and short films to his credit as a cinematographer and editor, ‘Life in Loom’ is his debut feature documentary as a director. Passionate about the environment, he wants to tell stories of people practicing sustainable and eco-friendly methods.

Producer: Mark Studio Mark Studio India Pvt Ltd is an Indian production house and distribution company set up by Francis Bastiyan and Francis Markus. In 2016, it produced its first film and has been involved in producing quality adverts, documentaries and short films. It is affiliated with specialised post production suites and cine industry professionals..

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