• Colour | 14 Mins | Marathi | 2023
  • Director: Prathamesh Mahale
  • Producer : MIT ADT University, MIT Institute Of Design
  • Writer : Prathamesh Mahale
  • DoP : Ritam Chattergee
  • Editor : Prathamesh Mahale
  • Cast : Dilip Angre, Isha Joglekar

Synopsis: Suma, a recently widowed young woman, and her father-in-law find themselves stranded at a bus station. They've missed their bus and face a day-long wait. The conductor suggests an alternative, to catch the bus from another station at night. A sense of sadness lingers between them. Over tea, the vendor advises them to explore the city. Suma helps her father-in-law negotiate a rickshaw ride. They visit a Peshwa monument, reminiscing about Suma's school days. Her father-in-law once wished for her to join their family, abandoning her dream of a history degree for an early marriage. He delicately broaches the subject of remarriage. Suma walks away, gazing over the city with mixed emotions. Night falls, they are on the bus. The father-in-law talks with her family, mentioning the untouched topic of remarriage. He hints at another pending conversation. It ends with a book Suma was interested seen in her father-in-law’s bag.

Directors Bio: Prathamesh Mahale is a fourth-year student of Film and Video Design at MIT Institute of Design. During his stint at MIT, he directed two short films, a music video, an advertisement film, a promotional film and assissted on other projects. His cinematic inclination leans towards the aesthetics of minimalism and subtlety.

Producer: MIT Institute of Design has been at the forefront of design education in India since 2006 and is determined to play a leading role in the years ahead. Of the many courses available, the institute offers a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Communication Design with Film and Video Design as a specialisation.

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