• Colour | 13 Mins | Konkani | 2022
  • Director: Suyash Kamat
  • Producer : Film Companion LLP
  • Writer : Suyash Kamat
  • DoP : Riya Khicher
  • Editor : Eesha Dev
  • Cast : Satish Gaonkar, Mahadev Krishna Sawant

Synopsis: One night when they find themselves falsely accused of robbery, band members of ‘Sadabahar’, a wedding brass quartet from Uttar Pradesh working in Goa, have to decide between pursuing a livelihood as ‘outsiders’ in Goa or returning to the lives they left behind in their villages.

Directors Bio: Suyash Kamat is a young filmmaker and photographer based out of Goa, India. He has helmed various projects under multiple roles which have been showcased and have garnered awards at prestigious film festivals. Currently, he is pursuing a post graduate course in Cinematography at the Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute.

Producer: Film Companion is a platform for entertainment journalism. It’s main focus is films across genres and geography - Bollywood, Hollywood, world cinema, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Marathi, amongst others. They do reviews, interviews, features and recommendations around cinema.

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