The Sea & Seven Villages

  • Director: Himansu Sekhar Khatua
  • Producer : Kadambini Media Private Limited
  • Writer : Himansu Sekhar Khatua
  • DoP : Manas Rath
  • Editor : Rama Raman Das
  • Cast : Satavaya Villagers

Synopsis: As sea levels rise along the Bay of Bengal, coastal erosion, frequent cyclones and the mismanagement of coastal lands have resulted in the destruction of homes, agricultural lands and the entire settlement of Seven Villages of Kendrapara district in Odisha. It has resulted in people suffering along with forced migration. The film traces and depicts the stories of these displaced coastal communities of the Satabhaya villages.

Directors Bio: Himansu Khatua is an award winning film director, scriptwriter, sound recordist and sound designer in the Oriya film industry. His debut film ‘Katantar’ (2005) won multiple state awards, including the Best Film Award (Odia). His other notable films that have garnered accolades are, ‘Kahani Nuhen’, ‘Kahe Ballava’, ‘Matira Bandhana’ and ‘Krantidhara’.

Producer: Kadambini Media is committed to literature and publishes books with high literary value, authored by eminent writers. It also marked its debut in films with its production ‘Kathantara’ which bagged national and state film awards, followed by the feature film ‘Krantidhara’, and short films like ‘Kahani Nuhen’ and documentaries like ‘Kahe Ballava’.

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