Bandi Cinema

  • Director : Praveen Kandregula
  • Screenplay : Vasanth Maringanti, Praveen Kandregula, Krishna Pratyusha
  • Producer : Raj, DK
  • Cinematographer : Apoorva Shaligram, Sagar YVV
  • Editor : Dharmendra Kakarala A.F.E, Raviteja Girijala
  • Cast : Sindhu Sreenivasa Murthy, Trishara, Rag Mayur, Vikas

Synopsis: A poor and struggling auto driver Veerababu chances upon an expensive camera left behind in his auto in the village. The sole wedding photographer of the village, Ganapati tells him that this is exactly the camera that is used to make blockbuster movies of superstars. The enterprising Veerababu then decides to make a blockbuster film with the ‘superstar’ camera, the photographer to assist and cast the whole village in his film. Thus begins the journey from autowalla to cinemawalla.

Directors Bio: Praveen Kandregula is a director, writer and cinematographer. He has directed several ad and short films and is known for Cinemabandi (2021), Kshanam (2016) and Love Cheyyala Vadda (2016).

Producer: Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K., collectively known as Raj & DK, are an Indian filmmaking duo, writing, directing and producing feature films and original series like The Family Man, Unpaused, Stree and Shor In The City.

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