• Director : R Venkatesan
  • Screenplay : R Venkatesan
  • Producer : Sri Sravanthi Movies
  • Cinematographer : M. Jayaprakash
  • Editor : Anand Geraldin
  • Cast : Poo Ramu, Kaali Venkat

Synopsis: Kathir and his pet goat Karupu, live with his grandfather Chellaiya and his grandmother in a remote village in Kambur in Tamil Nadu, India. Chellaiya, Kathir and the butcher Villaichami’s dreams are entwined with the fate of the goat Karupu. All three are forced to take hard decisions in order to fulfil their dreams by the dawn of the festival of Diwali. Will their dreams come true? What will be the fate of the pet goat Karupu?

Directors Bio: Ra. Venkatesan, driven by passion for cinema from a young age has assisted on movies like Mandhira Punnagai, Vaalu and co directed Kirumi and Rekka.

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