Best Debut Feature Film of a Director

A collection of 7 international and Indian fiction feature debuts that exemplify what the next generation of filmmakers are envisioning onscreen

Behind The Haystacks

  • Directed by: Asimina Proedrou
  • Country of Origin: Greece
  • Language: Arbaic, English, Macedonian, Modern Greek


  • Directed by: Sophie Galibert
  • Country of Origin: United states
  • Language: English

Cinema Bandi

  • Directed by: Praveen Kandregula
  • Country of Origin: Indian
  • Language: Telugu

Maya Nilo (Laura)

  • Directed by: Lovisa Siren
  • Country of Origin: Swedish
  • Language: Sweden,Finland, Belgium

Self Defense

  • Directed by: Andrea Braga
  • Country of Origin: Spanish
  • Language: Argentina


  • Directed by: Manish Mundra
  • Country of Origin: Indian
  • Language: Hindi

The Island Of Lost Girls

  • Directed by: Ann Marie
  • Country of Origin: Mexico
  • Language: English
Ticket Booking