A carefully curated selection of experimental films that have dared to speak in original idiosyncratic voices to push the boundaries of what we may call Cinema.

Anhell 69

  • Directed by: Theo Montoya
  • Country of Origin: Colombia, Romania, Fance, Germany
  • Language: Spanish

De Humani Corporis Fabrica

  • Directed by: Verena Paravel,Lucien castaing Taylor
  • Country of Origin: France, United states, Switzerland
  • Language: French

Have You Seen This Woman?

  • Directed by: Dusan Zoric, Matija Gluscevic
  • Country of Origin: Seriba, Croatia
  • Language: Serbian

Our Lady Of The Chinese Shop

  • Directed by: Ery Claver
  • Country of Origin: Angola
  • Language: Portuguese & Chinese


  • Directed by: Albert Serra
  • Country of Origin: France, Spain, Germany, Portugal
  • Language: French

The Great Movement

  • Directed by: Kiro Russo
  • Country of Origin: Bolivia, France, Qatar, Switzerland
  • Language: Spanish
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