ICFT - UNESCO Gandhi Medal 2023

IFFI’s annual slate of International and Indian fiction feature films competing
for the honor of the prestigious ICFT UNESCO GANDHI MEDAL.

A House In Jerusalem

  • Directed by: Muayad Alayan
  • Country of Origin: Palestine, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Qatar
  • Language: English, Arabic, Hebrew

Citizen Saint

  • Directed by: Tinatin Kajrishvili
  • Country of Origin: Georgia
  • Language: Georgian


  • Directed by: Anthony Chen
  • Country of Origin: UK, France, Greece
  • Language: English, Greek

It’s Sira

  • Directed by: Apolline Traoré
  • Country of Origin: Burkina Faso, France, Germany, Senegal
  • Language: French, Fula


  • Directed by: Ove Musting
  • Country of Origin: Estonia
  • Language: Estonian, Russian

The Prize!

  • Directed by: Paul Fauzan Agusta
  • Country of Origin: Indonesia
  • Language: Indonesian

The Sugar Experiment

  • Directed by: John Thornblad
  • Country of Origin: Sweden
  • Language: Swedish


  • Directed by: Rakesh Chaturvedi Om
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Language: Hindi


  • Directed by: Vishnu Sasi Shankar
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Language: Malayalam

Rabindra Kabya Rahasya

  • Directed by: Sayantan Ghosal
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Language: Bengali
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