A Real Job

  • France| French| 111'| 2022| Colour
  • Original Title: UM METIER SERIEUX
  • Director: Thomas Lilti
  • Producer: Emmanuel Barraux
  • Screenplay: Thomas Lilti, Agnès Vallée
  • DoP: Antoine Heberle
  • Editor: Gwen Mallauran
  • Cast: Vincent Lacoste, François Cluzet, Louise Bourgoin, Adèle Exarchopoulos, William Lebghil, Lucie Zhang, Bouli Lanners


San Sebastián International Film Festival 2023

Synopsis: Benjamin is a PhD student without scholarship support. Under the pressure of his parents, and in need of money, he becomes a substitute teacher in a middle school. Without training or experience, and facing a declining public educational system, he discovers how tough this job can be. Hopefully, his supportive and committed colleagues will lead him to take a fresh look at the profession.

Directors Bio: French director-screenwriter Thomas Lilti is also a doctor. His work in film often explores themes related to medicine and healthcare. His debut feature Hippocrate (2014) won critical acclaim and several awards. His realistic approach and attention to medical detail have earned Lilti recognition for his ability to shed light on the issues and realities of the French healthcare system.

Sales Agent: The pact

Drama | Comedy
Asia Premiere

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