Bela America

  • Portugal| Portuguese| 102'| 2023| Colour
  • Original Title: A Bela América
  • Director: ntónio Ferreira
  • Producer: Tathiani Sacilotto & António Ferreira
  • Screenplay: César dos Santos Silva & António Ferreira
  • DoP: Paulo Castilho
  • Editor: ntónio Ferreira
  • Cast: Estêvão Antunes, São José Correia, Custódia Gallego, João Castro Gomes, Daniela Claro, Carlos Areia

Synopsis: Talented cook Lucas falls in love with America, a television star and presidential candidate. He decides to conquer her with his culinary talent. Despite his humble origins and the harsh reality of living in one of the city’s most rundown neighbourhoods, Lucas decides to enter the exuberant celebrity world. Clandestinely he enters America’s home while she’s out running for president and cooks for her the most unprecedented dishes. In a dark and suspenseful environment, punctuated with irony and unusual situations, Bella America explores the themes of social inequality, the rise of populism, and family relationships.

Directors Bio: António Ferreira debuted in Cannes 2000 at the Cinefondation official selection with his mid-length film Breathing Under Water. He has directed four shorts and four feature films, winning prizes worldwide. His movies captivate common moviegoers as well as travel internationally. All his movies were co-productions with countries such as Germany, France, Spain and Brazil.


Drama | Comedy | Social
World Premiere

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