Dauren's Wedding

  • Director: LIM Chan-ik
  • Producer: Ruslan Pak
  • Screenplay: LIM Chan-ik
  • DoP: KIM Hyungjun
  • Editor: SUH Seunghyun
  • Cast: LEE Ju-seung, BAZHAN Adina

Synopsis: Aspiring documentary director Seung-joo heads to Kazakhstan to film a traditional Korean-Kazakhstan wedding but faces challenges when the local director is injured. To salvage the project, he stages a fake wedding in Saty Village, leading to unexpected complications and personal reflections on marriage in Kazakhstan.

Directors Bio: Lim Chan-Ik graduated from the Korea National University of Arts in 2001. He won the Baeksang Arts Award for Best New Director with Officer of the Year (2011). DGK Band (2018) was his first documentary.

Sales Agent: M-Line Distribution

Drama | Comedy
International Premiere

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