Dr. Minestein

  • Colour | 89 Mins | English | 2023
  • Director: Sonali Jawale
  • Producer: Yagnesh Films
  • Editor: Varaprasad. V

Synopsis: Dr. Minestein, the most renowned scientist of the animal kingdom who lived a hundred years ago created the famous water making machine to create artificial water during a drought. Till today this machine feeds the rivers of the forest making the jungle full, green and lush, much to the disgust of the Scorpion King who wishes to see this beautiful forest become lifeless and rugged as his own underground ghetto. But unknowingly, Dr. Minestein made one mistake in the formula where the chemical in the water would catch fire on contact with sunlight which could make the entire jungle burn. Dinku, the donkey, a student at Dr. Minestein’s Academy discovers the impeding danger but since his IQ is way above his teachers and being a donkey, nobody believes him, so to save the forest he must escape from school, travel deep into the forest, find Dr. Minestein’s machine and undo the error in the formula.

Directors Bio: Sonali Jawale is an animator for films and television content. She and her husband, Sunil Jawale started their own production house Yagnesh Films with the purpose to create content to educate children about the environment. The animated feature film ‘Dr. Minestein’ was created as part of content for environmental awareness.

Producer: Yagnesh Films founded by animation content creators, Sonali and Sunil Jalwale is involved in the production of computer generated animator characters and full length motion feature films. They produce and collaborate for television series and provide VFX and E- learning. ‘Dr. Minestein’ is its animated feature film production.

Writer: Ameeshi Sheth

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