Endless Summer Syndrome

  • Czech Republic, France| French| 98'| 2023| Colour
  • Original Title: Le Syndrome de L'été Sans Fin
  • Director: Kaveh Daneshmand
  • Producer: Gem Deger, Kaveh Daneshmand, Cedric Larvoire, Eva Larvoire, Jordi Niubó, Lindsay Taylor Stewart (Associate producer)
  • Screenplay: Laurine Bauby, Kaveh Daneshmand, Gem Deger
  • DoP: Cédric Larvoire
  • Editor: François Del Ray, Pierrè Del Ray
  • Cast: Sophie Colon, Matheo Capelli, Gem Deger, Frédérika Milano, Roland Plantin


Tallinn Black Nights First Feature Competition, 2023

Award: Karlovy Vary IFF Works in Progress Award, Eastern Promises industry section 2022

Synopsis: When the mother of two adoptees is tipped off about the possible affair her husband may be having with one of their children, her sense of duty takes a macabre turn.

Directors Bio: Kaveh Daneshmand is an Iranian,Prague-based writer, director and producer. He is the artistic director of ÍRÁN:CI Film Festival that he founded in Prague in 2011. Daneshmand also teaches film directing at Prague Film School and Iranian Cinema at Charles University. His first short Occasional Showers received the Best Short Film Award in 2016, at the Writers and Critics' Awards in Iran. His second short Alula (2019) premiered at the 65th Oberhausen International Short Film Festival in 2019. Daneshmand's debut feature Endless Summer Syndrome (2023) won the Karlovy Vary Works in Progress award in 2022, and will have its world premiere at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in the First Feature Competition.

Sales Agent: alief [UK/FR]

Drama | Thriller
Asia Premiere

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