Family Album

  • Uruguay| Spanish| 88'| 2023| Colour
  • Original Title: Temas Propios
  • Director: Guillermo Rocamora
  • Producer: Hernán Musaluppi, Santiago López, Diego Robino.
  • Screenplay: Guillermo Rocamora
  • DoP: Julian Apezeguia
  • Editor: Eliane Katz
  • Cast: Diego Cremonesi, Franco Rizzaro, Valeria Lois, Ángela Torres, Alfonso Tort, Vicente Pieri,Roberto Suárez

Synopsis: 'Manuel is 18, is passionate about music but deeply uncertain of his career path. César is 45, yet he behaves more like a teenager. He is an immature father experiencing a new sense of rejuvenation and freedom since he and his wife separated. Virginia is 49, she gives English classes in her kitchen. Parenting teenagers while working at home and dealing with her failed marriage overburdens her. Agustín is 15, is one step away from getting expelled from school. Amid the family crisis, César and Manuel come up with the untimely idea to form a rock band, César’s never fulfilled dream from youth. Soon enough, a generational clash between César and Manuel will turn the family band project unsustainable. Temas Propios is a comedy about the arduous process of becoming an adult, the complicated relationship between parents and children, and the world of amateur rock bands.'

Directors Bio: Guillermo Rocamora is a feature film and advertising producer, director and screenwriter. His short film Buen Viaje (2008) competed at Cannes FF. His debut feature Solo (2013) premiered at Miami to win the Best First Film Award. He wrote and directed the documentary La Esencia de Carolina Herrera de Báez (2013) for Discovery Channel. La Libertad es una Palabra Grande (2018), a documentary about former Guantánamo prisoner Muhammad’s life in Uruguay, premiered at IDFFAmsterdam

Sales Agent: Marina Scardaccione

Drama | Family
International Premiere

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