Hungry Ghost Diner

  • Malaysia | 2023 | Chinese, Malay, Yue Chinese (Cantonese) | 116' | Colour
  • Director: We Jun Cho
  • Producer: See Yoo Cho
  • Screenplay: We Jun Cho, Sebastian Ng, Jacky Yeap
  • DoP: Teck Zee Tan
  • Editor: Rou Ning Teh
  • Cast: Keat Yoke Chen, Eric Chen, Sam Chong, Fabian Loo

Synopsis: Forced to take refuge in her family's coffeeshop in rural Behrang Stesen when stranded during the Covid-19 Lockdown, Bonnie is surprised to discover that it is haunted by ghosts of her deceased relatives returning for the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Directors Bio: John We Jun Cho is a writer-director and production designer, having undertaken the Art Direction Course at Pinewood Studios Malaysia. We Jun has written and directed numerous short films, which have been selected at different film festivals. In 2015, he was selected to direct Coaster, a short film presented by Tiger Beer.

Sales Agent: We Jun Cho

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