• Director: Kazakhstan | Kazakh, Russian | 172'| 2022| Colour
  • Producer: Emir Baigazin
  • Screenplay: Emir Baigazin & Damir Tanatov
  • DoP: Emir Baigazin
  • Editor: Dauren Zhumabay, Emir Baigazin
  • Cast: Yerkebulan Tasynov, Karina Huramshina, Yerzhan Burkutbayev, Tamerlan Tulegenov, Bulat Sadykov

Synopsis: In Kazakhstan’s largest city of Almaty, soft-spoken and heavy-hearted Arman hides his alcoholism and depression with the best of them. He is the CEO of a modern corporation that specializes in digitalization of memories, precious photos and videos of births, graduations, weddings, holidays, memorials, and all the special moments in between. On the verge of personal bankruptcy and at the mercy of his reluctantly pregnant girlfriend relentlessly demands only the newest and the best, Arman barely keeps his head above a sea of ever-mounting debts. Meanwhile, his employees work around the clock, enhancing breasts and muscles, minimizing waists and noses, and editing images to reflect the desires of their clientele. While demand grows exponentially, a system glitch puts an end to the fury and all the information is lost.

Directors Bio: Emir Baigazin studied at T.Akhtanov Aktobe Drama Theatre and the Kazakh National Academy of Arts. After specializing in film direction and cinema directed the shorts Steppe (2007) and Virgins (2007). His features include Harmony Lessons (2013), The Wounded Angel (2016), The River (2018) and Would You Like to Stargaze (2018). Life (2022) is his latest film.

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