• Saudi Arabia | Arabic | 110'| 2022| Colour
  • Director: Ali Kalthami
  • Producer: Mburucuya Victoria Fleitas
  • Screenplay: Ali Kalthami, Mohammed Algarawi
  • DoP: Ahmed Tahoun
  • Editor: Fakhreddine Amri
  • Cast: Mohammed Aldokhi, Hajar Alshammari, Mohammed Alttowayan, Sarah Taibah

Synopsis: An overworked delivery app driver in Riyadh tries to branch out into bootlegging, in this dark comedic feature set in the rarely seen, ultra-modern world of Saudi nightlife.

Directors Bio: Ali Alkalthami is a Saudi director, producer, content writer, and co-founder of C3Films and Telfaz11. His career spans over nine years of experience. Mandoob marks his feature debut.

Sales Agent: MPM Premium

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