Measures Of Men

  • Original Title: Der Vermessene Mensch
  • Director: Lars Kraume
  • Producer: Thomas Kufus
  • Screenplay: Lars Kraume
  • DoP: Jens Harant
  • Editor: Peter R. Adam
  • Cast: Leonard Scheicher, Girley Charlene Jazama, Peter Simonischek, Sven Schelker, Max Koch, Ludger Bökelmann, Leo Meier, Anton Paulus, Tilo Werner, Corinna Kirchhoff


Berlinale, 2023
Vancouver International Film Festival 2023
BFI London Film Festival, 2023

Synopsis: In 19th-century Berlin, Alexander Hoffmann studied the Herero and Nama tribes. Intrigued by translator Kezia, he joins an expedition in Namibia. Witnessing brutality, he compromises his morals for career gain, failing to oppose white supremacy as Germany's history darkens.

Directors Bio: Lars Kraume graduated from the DFFB film school in 1997 and went on to work as a director, producer and screenwriter on more than 30 feature films and television productions. The Berlinale Premiere of No Songs of Love (Keine Lieder über Liebe – 2005) garnered him the attention of international audiences. His feature film, The Silent Revolution (Das Schweigende Klassenzimmer) was premiered as a ‘Berlinale Special Gala’ and achieved success beyond Germany.

Sales Agent: Picture Tree International

History | Political
Asia Premiere

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