Mountain Onion

  • Director: Eldar Shibanov
  • Screenplay: Eldar Shibanov, Yuliya Levitskaya
  • DoP: Dias Shibanov
  • Editor: Arseniy Abdrakhmanov
  • Cast: Esil Amantay, Amina Gaziyeva, Zhazira Kaskey, Kuantay Abdimadi, Laura Tursunkanova, Sanjar Madi

Synopsis: Jabai, 11-year-old, sells mountain onions alongside the highway. One day he catches his idol trucker having sex with his mom. Jabai and his sister, Saniya, embark on a journey from their small village in Kazakhstan to China, to obtain the only thing that will save their father and help him become a strong man - the ‘Golden Viagra’.

Directors Bio: Eldar Shibanov graduated from Kazakh Academy of Architecture in 2010 and from School of Fine Arts. He completed a program in the Filmmaking School of Almaty. Eldar worked as assistant production designer on Harmony Lessons (2013). He wrote and directed two shorts and two mid-length films. He is currently co-producing a short film with students from NY Film Academy (LA).

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