• Argentina, Costa Rica| 2023| Spanish| 97'| Colour
  • Director: Luciano Podcaminsky
  • Producer: Gabriel Hochbaum
  • Screenplay: Alex Kahanoff , Andrea Marra, Sebastián Rotstein, Silvina Ganger
  • DoP: Nicolas Trovato
  • Editor: Patricio Pena
  • Cast: Leonardo Sbaraglia, Julieta Díaz, Marco Antonio Caponi, Zoe Hochbaum, Natalia Oreiro, Sofía Zaga-Masri, Florencia Salvetto, Luis Pazos

Synopsis: Lucia and Nacho set sail on a fabulous sailboat to celebrate their 20 years of marriage. The journey promises to be perfect, until a storm leaves them adrift. Alone and with no escape on the high seas, they will be forced to wonder why they are still together.

Directors Bio: Luciano (b:1970) was ranked fourth by the Gunn Report on its list of directors with the most awards in the world. Luciano’s first film The Third Pint was selected for the BAFICI festival 2007 and Edinburgh (EIFF) 2008. He has been in the jury at festivals like CLIO 2008, London 2009-2010 and The Eye of Latin America 2009. In 2017-18 his short film The Back of my Mind was played in many festivals.

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