• Moldova, Republic of| 2023| Romanian| 75'| Colour
  • Director: Ioane Bobeica
  • Producer: Marin Madan, Sergiu Cumatrenco, Anatol Mirzenco, Marin Cumatrenco, Ioane Bobeica
  • Screenplay: Ioane Bobeica
  • DoP: Ioane Bobeica
  • Editor: Sergiu Barajin, Ioane Bobeica
  • Cast: Anatol Mirzenco, Tincuta JosanKey

Synopsis: A poor village near the Transnistrian border. After the war of 1992, a mined field is still active. Zinca and Victor, two Moldavian children, suddenly lose the cows on the mined territory and try to get them back by entering the restricted area.

Directors Bio: Director-writer-cinematographer Ioane Bobeica is known for Carbon (2022) and Moldova’s official Oscar entry of the year Thunders (2023).

Sales Agent: YOUBESC Creative Institute

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