• Mexico | 2022 | Spanish, Castilian | 116' | Colour
  • Director: Anabel Caso
  • Producer: Paula Astorga Riestra, Alfredo Garz, Lorena OrracaWollenstein
  • Screenplay: Anabel Caso
  • DoP: Julio Llorente
  • Editor: Miguel Schverdfinger
  • Cast: Emilia Berjón, Abril Michel, Alberto Guerra, Úrsula Pruneda, Nicolasa Ortíz, Monasterio

Synopsis: Sofia and Cristina, cousins and best friends, spend a summer in the country house of their relatives. They fall in love with the same man and spy on him. Secrets, lies, and a forbidden affair break their bond and their innocence, like their mothers before them.

Directors Bio: Anabel Caso is an Argentinian scriptwriter and filmmaker who live in Ciudad de México since 2003. She filmed her first feature film Trigal through IMCINE support. She won several programme internships along her career (Sundance Institute, Ibermedia, Fundación Carolina) and she was one of the Talents Guadalajara 2015. As Content Creator, she was Head of Content for Landia (México) and Head Writer of Aparición Forzada, a fiction developed for HBO. She also participated in multiple cinema, TV and streaming platforms content projects for Mexican and International production studios.

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