• Year | Language | Duration: 2018 | Manipuri | Colour | 30 mins.
  • Director: Ashok Veilou
  • Producer: Sneha Metta
  • Screenplay: Ashok Veilou
  • Cinematographer: Jithu George
  • Editor: Pousheru Ngade
  • Cast: Ng. Hiipunii, Angela Pou, Thaipei Peter, Veipou, Radovei

Synopsis: Hai, a 40-year-old villager lives with his family in a remote village in the state of Manipur. His family is outcast by the villagers for not supporting the popular candidate during elections. Despite all odds, Hai fights for his individual right to vote and elect his representatives. For this, his family is emotionally and physically tortured by the villagers.

Director: Ashok Veilou, is an indigenous filmmaker from the Poumai Naga tribe. He completed his post-graduation in Direction and Screenplay Writing from the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI) Kolkata, India.