• Year | Language | Duration: 2022 | Malayalam | Colour | 26 mins
  • Director: Akhil Dev M
  • Producer: Akhil Dev M
  • Screenplay: Akhil Dev M
  • Cinematographer: Prathish
  • Editor: Gokul Gopinath
  • Cast: Narayanan, Ammini Chandralayam, Anagha Narayanan, Mini Shine

Synopsis: Narayanan, returns from the Gulf to his home in Kasargod, Kerala, having lost his job during the Covid pandemic like many others. He tries to pledge his family property for a bank loan to sustain. His plan is toppled when his mother, the owner of the property is diagnosed with a medical condition of dementia and mild schizophrenia. The film is a realistic account of how the illness of a family member affects their bond and love.

Director & Producer: Akhil Dev M is a banking professional in Chennai, born and brought up in Kerela. He is currently engaged in the writing stages of his bilingual feature film.