“We Have Made the Entire IFFI Experience More Seamless”




This year, IFFI went green. Chief executive officer Amit Satija told The Peacock how the Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) implemented a number of firsts.


Most festivals are known to generate plastic waste. How did the ESG go about reducing it?
It was a planned initiative. We encouraged the use of eco-friendly material by the vendors. We came up with the idea for delegates to buy a glass bottle for Rs 30 and fill it up with drinking water free-of-cost with unlimited refills. This reduced the use of plastic bottles considerably.


Ticketing was paperless for the first time.
Shifting to a RFID ticket helped us in two ways: access became easier and we have started gathering data on viewership. This data can be analysed and shared with the Directorate of Film Festivals for a better viewing experience. What kind of movies are being chosen by delegates? What movies are preferred in the mornings, afternoons, evenings? So, now the entire scheduling and programming will depend on the data analysis. The paperless ticketing initiative also reduced littering. We further created a software which serves as a dashboard between the DFF and ESG that helps us track guests with information on their travel and accommodation.


Chaotic scenes by delegates over entry is a regular feature every year. How have you tackled it?
We eliminated the ‘Rush Line’ concept and it is now known as ‘Entry Against Cancellation Line’. Earlier, all the unused reserved tickets were released 10 minutes before the show. There used to be a queue entering, and a second queue of delegates with no idea how many seats will be vacant. This would end up with some delegates trying to enter the theatre using their paper ticket even after seats were released. In the new system, the reserved tickets are released an hour before. If the delegate is a no show, their ticket gets cancelled exactly when the movie starts. Entry against cancellation gets activated only when the theatre is houseful. Otherwise, delegates have to book tickets.


We noticed a change in the security protocol this year.
Till last year, the Door Frame Metal Detector was located at the theatre gate. This year, we moved it to the entrance, introduced baggage scanners and secured the entire premises. This ensured that the delegate was checked only once. We have made the entire IFFI experience more seamless and convenient.


How did the ESG manage logistics, such as transportation?
We increased the number of autorickshaws and introduced a free bus service plying at intervals of 15-30 minutes with designated bus stops.


What are you looking ahead to?
Our call centre was a success. We handled queries on delegate registration, ticket booking, movie schedule. We’d like to expand this initiative next year and include ticket bookings. This will also help senior citizens.



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