• Year | Language | Duration: 2022 | Kannada | Colour | 39 mins
  • Director: Basti Dinesh Shenoy
  • Producer: Basti Dinesh Shenoy
  • Screenplay: Basti Dinesh Shenoy, G. Vishnu
  • Cinematographer: Sunil Borkar
  • Editor: Suresh Urs
  • Cast: Veer, Ajay Neenasam, Ramesh Pandit

Synopsis: Two little boys, growing up in the 1970s in Karnataka, work as waiters at a small eatery in a mofussil town. Their poverty is not an impediment for their love for cinema. This film explores their journey from being pedestrian film buffs to their lucky foray into the world of filmmaking, and their eventual journey towards becoming film directors.

Director & Producer: Dinesh Shenoy is a cinematographer, producer and a director with 25 years of experience in the film industry, having worked closely with the stalwarts of cinema. He has also made television commercials for leading international brands.