• Director: Anupam Patnaik
  • Producer: Anupam Patnaik
  • Screenplay: Roshan Bisoi
  • Cinematographer: Deepak Kumar
  • Editor: Late. Deven Mishra
  • Cast: Dipanwit Dasmohapatra, Choudhury Jayprakash Das, Barsha Patnaik, Sreela Tripathy, Roopambika Nayak, Abakash Mishra, Roshan Bisoi
  • 2021 | Oriya | Colour | 137 mins.

Synopsis : Sanjay, an unemployed graduate is adamant to find a government job. Bipin, his father tries to convince him to take up any job as his retirement is at bay. The family is burdened with loans. Bipin is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Sanjay gets to know about the Government’s scheme of compassionate appointment where a family member gets the job of the deceased government employee. A frustrated Sanjay waits for his father’s death only to realise his ill mind.

Director & Producer : Anupam Patnaik is a filmmaker in the Oriya film industry making films under the banner Amiya Patnaik Productions that produced the biopic ‘Tulasi Apa’ on social activist Padmashri Tulasi Munda. His directorial debut is ‘Pratikshya’.