Changing Landscape

  • Colour | 58 Mins | Tamil | 2022
  • Director: Pravin Selvam
  • Producer : Arjun Gopalratnam
  • Writer : Pravin Selvam
  • DoP : Pravin Selvam
  • Editor : Chandan CM

Synopsis: The documentary film focuses on the plight of the wetlands near Tamil Nadu’s Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary, a 30-acre state bird santuary which is getting ruined by stone quarrying. People have been protesting against the stone quarrying stating it is harming the ecology and how it is affecting them and the wetlands for more than 18 years. But regardless of that, their farmlands are getting seized gradually by power and violence raising ecological fears that are deteriorating conditions as a result.

Directors Bio: Pravin Selvam is a independent filmmaker based on Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He has worked as an Assistant Director in a Tamil independent feature ‘Nasir’. ‘Changing Landscape’ is his first documentary film.

Producer: Arjun Gopalratnam is a retired major from the Indian Army, who has been practicing organic farming for the last 20 years. Before taking up farming, he was working at the International Headquarters of The Theosophical Society of Adyar, Chennai for eight years in various appointments.

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