Deep Fridge

  • Colour | 100 Mins | Bengali | 2023
  • Director: Arjun Dutta
  • Producer : Colors of Dream Entertainment
  • Writer : Arjun Dutta, Ashirbad Maitra
  • DoP : Supratim Bhol
  • Editor : Sujay Dutta Ray
  • Cast :  Abir Chatterjee, Tanusree Chakrabortry, Anuradha M

Synopsis: The narrative starts five years after Swarnava and Mili’s divorce, one evening, bringing them together under one roof for the whole night. A night of remembrance, introspect, realization and closure. An unplanned stay at Mili’s place helps them address their pain, seek for closure and see things with more clarity in an effort to build a guilt free future for both of them separately, and put their current relationships into perspective. Deep Fridge or the freezer plays the third lead to Swarnava and Mili as by the end of the night, the freezer is defrosted to the very last drop, serving as a perfect metaphor for both their current state of mind, which is now free to wander off in a make-believe world of surrealism, where they remain a family and pursue their life together with chemistry, passion, love and loyalty.

Directors Bio: Arjun Dutta is a filmmaker in the Bengali film industry. His debut feature film ‘Abyakto’, travelled to various film festivals internationally, including the prestigious International Film Festival of India, amongst others. His other notable films that have garnered awards and accolades are ‘Guldasta’, ‘Shrimati’, and now ‘Deep Fridge’.

Producer: Colors of Dream Entertainment is a production house founded by Krishna Kyal. It is dedicated to producing a diverse range of quality cinema by delving into socially relevant and pioneering subjects. ‘Deep Fridge’ is its third venture exploring modern day intricacies and the prejudiced idea of a perfectly happy marriage.

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