Dhai Aakhar

  • Colour | 98 Mins | Hindi | 2023
  • Director: Praveen Arora
  • Producer : Kabir Communications
  • Writer : Asghar Wajahat
  • DoP : Sandeep Gn Yadav
  • Editor : V.S. Kannan, Rahul Jaiswal
  • Cast : Mrinal Kulkarni, Harish Khanna, Rohit Kokate

Synopsis: Based on the novel ‘Teerthatan Ke Baad’ by Amrik Singh Deep, the film set in the 1980s in the serene state of Uttarakhand tells the story of a woman who rebuilds herself after years of being in an abusive marriage when she starts talking to an empathetic writer through letters. Harshita gets a second chance after the death of her husband when she meets Sridhar, a writer, who treats her with kindness and respect. The film brings out the conflict surrounding such relationships and is an ode to love and the power it holds to transform someone’s life. It explores how abuse is common, accepted and normalised within patriarchy, leaving a deep shattering impact on womanhood. It delves into how love holds the power to liberate anyone who is subjugated to abuse with a message to liberate and empower women.

Directors Bio: Praveen Arora, a well-regarded figure in television and film, has earned acclaim for his work as a director, producer, and writer. His notable contributions encompass TV series such as 'Parsa,' 'Chekov Ki Duniya,' and 'Asmita,' along with impactful documentaries like 'Paas Jungle Door Jungle' and 'Kinnaur Ka Kaamru,' showcased at prestigious film festivals. He has also crafted more than 150 television commercials, short films, and corporate documentaries.

Producer: Kabir Communications, a renowned production house for over two decades, excels in crafting diverse media content such as films, web series, TV shows, and more. Their portfolio includes 9 TV serials, 100+ advertisements, 80 documentaries, and 20 corporate films. Focused on socially relevant narratives, they aim to educate and entertain audiences with their thought-provoking work.

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