Giddh (The Scavenger)

  • Colour | 24 Mins | Hindi | 2022
  • Director: Manish Saini
  • Producer : M/s Ellanar Films
  • Writer : Manish Saini
  • DoP : Swathy Deepak
  • Editor : Manish Saini
  • Cast : Sanjay Mishra, Vaibhav Biniwale, Raj Vithhapura

Synopsis: The old man found himself tossing his son's clothes away after watching his pyre burn all evening. He died young, succumbing to an illness and perhaps also because of hunger. The son was gone, the old man still lived as did his hunger. He walked back to the crematorium, pulled out his son’s shirt from a Banyan tree and sold it. He ate a whole meal that day. The rituals and beliefs in certain parts of India follow the custom of disposing off the clothes of any deceased person soon after their death. Passing on these clothes or selling them without disclosing the truth of their source is considered a sin and a crime. An internal tussle ensues and soon hunger collides with guilt. With the food on his plate at stake, what will weigh heavier, his hunger or his guilt?

Directors Bio: Manish Saini is an award-winning Indian film director, writer and editor. His directorial debut film ‘DHH’ (2015) won the prestigious National Film Award (2018) and travelled to several international film festivals. His second film, the Gujarati film ‘Gandhi and Co.’ (2020) won the Best Children's Film Award at 69th National Film Awards.

Producer: Ellanar Films, a new-age production house. Primarily in the OTT space, it is known for its projects such as ‘Gods of Dharmapuri’ on Zee5 Telugu, ‘Unheard’ on Disney + Hotstar along with making a range of content including documentaries, short films, ad films, and corporate reels.

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