Kaadhal Enbathu Pothu Udamai

  • Colour | 148 Mins | Tamil | 2023
  • Director: Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan
  • Producer : Mankind Cinemas LLP
  • Writer : Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan
  • DoP : Sree Saravanan
  • Editor : Dani Charles
  • Cast : Lijomol Jose, Anusha Prabhu, Rohini Moletti

Synopsis: Samyuktha decides to reveal her love for a same sex partner to her mother with the help of a male friend. Lakshmi, Samyuktha's mother is a popular blogger who has many listeners for her poetic and philosophical takes on love and life. Samyuktha’s father lives with his second wife in the same city. Initially, Lakshmi mistakes the male friend as her future son-in-law but over lunch it is revealed that it is Nandini whom Samyuktha wants to marry. All philosophical and contemporary approaches to life are tested for all those who are involved, along with schisms, prejudices and old grudges that come out unexpectedly and rather uglily.

Directors Bio: Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan is an actor and a director primarily in the Tamil film industry. He is known for his films like ‘Lens’ (2016), ‘The Mosquito Philosophy’ (2019) and ‘Kaadhal Enbadhu Podhu Udama’ (2023).

Producer: Mankind Cinemas, a prominent Malayalam film production house, is recognized for its impactful and socially relevant contributions to cinema. Their film "The Great Indian Kitchen" delves into Indian household gender dynamics. Additionally, the anthology "Freedom Fight" and films like "Sreedhanya Catering Service" and "Purusha Pretham" exemplify their commitment to diverse and engaging narratives.

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