Kaathal - The Core

  • Colour | 114 Mins | Malayalam | 2023
  • Director: Jeo Baby
  • Producer : Mammoottykampany Films Pvt Ltd
  • Writer : Adarsh Sukumaran, Paulson Scaria
  • DoP : Salu K Thomas
  • Editor : Francies Louis
  • Cast : Mammootty, Jyothika

Synopsis: "Kaathal The Core" unveils the captivating narrative of Mathew and Omana, a seemingly harmonious couple residing in the serene village of Teekoy in the Kottayam district of Kerala. Mathew Devassy, a retired Co-operative bank secretary with a stellar reputation in the community, reluctantly steps into the realm of politics to contest a Panchayath by-election, upon his party's request. "Kaathal The Core" is a poignant exploration of the intricate dynamics of a marriage, the pursuit of justice, and the quest for personal fulfillment, set against the backdrop of a close-knit village community.

Directors Bio: Jeo Baby is an award-winning film director, scriptwriter and actor in the Malayalam film industry. His movies like '2 Penkuttikal', ‘Kunju Daivam’, ‘Kilometers and Kilometer’s, ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’, ‘Freedom Fight’ and ‘Sree Dhanya Catering Service’ have garnered several awards and accolades including National Film Awards, State Film Awards and several international awards.

Producer: Mammoottykampany Films Pvt Ltd led by Mammootty is a film production house based in Ernakulum, Kerala. It has produced four movies notably, ‘Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakam’, ‘Rorschach’, ‘Kaathal – The Core’ and ‘Kannur Squad’.

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