Sri Rudram

  • Colour | 72 Mins | Malayalam | 2023
  • Director: Ananda Jyothi
  • Producer : Perumeen Cinema
  • Writer : Ananda Jyothi
  • DoP : Pappinu
  • Editor : Suraj E.S.
  • Cast : Gagana Gopal

Synopsis: Gagna, a very intelligent woman who has studied abroad, returns to her home in India to spend time with her family. However, her analytical mind and her ideal idea of success in the modern world undergoes a slow, but radical change, when she encounters the richness and poetry of images recited by the guardians of the millenary Vedic chant, Sree Rudram. The power of vibrations and their meaning and wisdom will touch Gagna's heart, deepening her understanding of devotion, along with dispelling her fears and giving her mental clarity where she will decide to walk a path to contentment and happiness in the depths of this poetry to the creator of the world.

Directors Bio: Ananda Jyothi is a poet, scriptwriter, musician and filmmaker from Kochi, Kerala. He has directed many international documentary film projects in Greece, Switzerland, England, Brasil, and India, and has also curated prominent cinema exhibitions and festivals like ‘Bhava: Universe of Indian Cinema’ (2012), and ‘100 Years of Indian Cinema’ (2014).

Producer: Perumeen Cinema had produced the feature film ‘Uma - The Light of Himalayas’ (2019). It has also co-produced a Brazilian feature film called ‘Echoes of Silence’ (2020). In 2021, it co-produced a Swiss documentary called, ‘Dancing Stillness of Fire’.

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