• Italy | 2022 | Italian | 93' | Colour
  • Director: Roberto Marra, Stefano Salvatori
  • DoP: Leonardo Brocato
  • Editor: Stefano Salvatori
  • Cast: Mirko Frezza, Giorgio Colangeli, Pietro De Silva, Roberta Anna, Clive Anthony Riche, Lucia Batassa, Francesco Biscione, Giorgio Casadesus, Giobbe Covatta, Ivan Dalia, Silvia Grasso, Valerio Mammolotti

Synopsis: In 1990, Goliath, a dementia-afflicted former rugby champion, awakens daily believing he's with his team, only to find himself in a nursing home, disconnected from family. Alessandro, a paraplegic ex-professor, aims to free Goliath, challenging societal notions of worthiness despite their ailments, in a bid to reunite him with his family.

Directors Bio: Roberto Marra, trained as a dancer and choreographer, approached the seventh art in 2012 after the publication of the novel Biglie (2012, Eracle Editions), with the creative development of audiovisual concepts for the b2b market and some documentary products. Stefano Salvatori has been Author and director of several docu-fictions and programs produced by Cinecittà Entertainment for satellite programming. As director, he made 4 short films in the horror genre for GA&A aired on Sky Max.

Sales Agent: Alessia Buracci

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