• Colour| 2023| 89 Mins | Karbi | 2022
  • Director: Mridul Gupta
  • Producer: Wojaru Cine Arts
  • DoP: Pradip Daimary
  • Writer: Manimala Das
  • Editor: Utpal Buragohain
  • Cast: Rajibee Kro, Malini Tisso

Synopsis: From time to time, the social, political and economic environment crushes everyone. Mirbeen is the central character of this story. In her childhood, her grandmother instills in her the dream of doing something with the fairy tales of Serdihun (God of textile in Karbi tribal beliefs), which sprouts the desire to make life meaningful in her mind. But fratricidal clashes and ethnic conflicts make the entire Karbi land bloody in 2005 where Mirbeen's small village is also not spared. Political instability disrupts their daily lives as Mirbeen's house and village is burnt to ashes. She loses her only close friend Kaban along with many relatives. Her life becomes dark, yet she doesn't want to give up and become a victim of circumstances as the story of Serdihun which her grandmother had instilled in her mind inspires her to make her dream come true.

Directors Bio: Mridul Gupta is a national award-winning filmmaker of Assam and Northeast India. Self taught, he won the prestigious National Film Award for his documentary ‘Tai Phakeys’. His other notable works are the serial ‘Jibanar Batat’, his first feature film ‘Sutrapat (The Beginning)’ and other films like ‘Abhiman’, ‘Krishna Chura’, ‘TRP Aru…’ and ‘Mirbeen’.

Producer: Wojaru Cine Arts by Dhaniram Tisso is an award winning film and television production house known for its productions like ‘Wosobipo’, the first film in Karbi language, along with television serials and films like ‘Thong Nokbe’, ‘Ananya’, ‘Rongmilir Hahi’, ‘Asin Diganta’, ‘Banphoringar Geet’, ‘Kanghon Killingchongkret’, a blockbuster Karbi feature film and ‘Didimulori’.

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